Sunday, January 30, 2011

In response to Egypt

What can one say? As we turn on the evening news and see the world in Egypt turned upside down. As a teacher of American history I cannot help but to think back to our own time of political upheaval that led to the American revolution or the anti slavery movement that freed a people or the anti prohibition movements that over turned a constitutional amendment or the activist movements of all the brave women who earned their right to vote or the civil rights movements that brought about equal rights for all Americans. Each of these started as a group of citizens who loved their country enough that they wanted better for it and understood that it could be better.

These movements did not kill our nation but instead breathed live in to her and caused us to strive to be something more than we were. This is my hope for Egypt. As they begin their path of change may it be change for the better and change for the good of all and not just a few. In the land where some of the oldest and greatest forms of civilization have existed and have inspired mankind for thousands of years may their actions in the coming days, weeks and months once again serve to inspire the world as to the power that mankind has when it strives to work together to create a better way.

So as we head to bed here in America let us remember the struggle of those in Egypt as they strive for freedom!

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