Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rolling Ball

Have you ever been sitting in a science class where your teacher is explaining the forces of motion by drawing a picture of a large ball sitting at the top of a hill? If so then you know that that ball has POTENTIAL ENERGY and that when an outside force that is greater than or equal to the mass of the ball acts upon the ball that the POTENTIAL ENERGY will transform into KINETIC ENERGY because the ball is now in motion. As the ball continues to roll down the hill we learn that there are outside forces working against the ball's state of motion like GRAVITY and FRICTION and that no matter the amount of POTENTIAL ENERGY that this ball once had these outside forces will eventually rob the ball of all of its KINETIC ENERGY and the ball will once again return to a state of rest. And such is the state of motion.

We of course are not unlike the ball. Each of us is filled with a certain amount of POTENTIAL ENERGY that just needs the right amount of encouragement or persuasion to get us out of our state of rest and into motion. The interesting thing is that it does not matter how much POTENTIAL ENERGY an object has if it is never put into motion. This is also true of each of us. After all, it is not the state of rest that matters but the journey we take while we are in motion that really counts!

For it is in or journey that we live and experience life and change those things we come in contact with. Sure there will always be those who try and get you down (GRAVITY) or who work to stop you (FRICTION) but they can not do so without you entering into the state of motion. And while we are in that state of motion we can make a difference. And always remember, that GRAVITY and FRICTION have not stoped you, they have simply returned you to a state of potential just need another little push to get going again!

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