Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monster Storm!

Now let me start by saying that I hope everyone in the path of this storm has a warm place to stay and that everyone stays safe. I in no way am making light of your situation! With that said I will begin my rant!

I will start with our weather forecasters who have been warning us of the impending doom. I believe that almost a week ago we were told to be prepared for a storm that will dump 6 + inches on the Louisville area. As the week went on they started to back peddle and create room for error by talking about the shifting jet stream, the fact that most of the snow falling from the clouds melts before hitting the ground and on and on it went. Finally 2 days ago they started to call this a rain event but spent most of the weather time talking about the non-viewing area that was "just an hour north of us" and how they would be getting the snow and ice...we apparently were to far south and our snow and ice was melting before hitting the ground. I believe they really felt that by covering central Indiana we would feel that it was a very near miss.

Well let me tell you a thing or 2! First when snow and or ice turns to liquid before hitting the ground we call it rain! Not snow...not ice...but rain! Second...stop spending the entire news time covering the weather for areas that cannot even see your broadcast! I am sure that if you try you could find a snow storm of the century some where on the planet everday if you wanted to....please show me what is going on in my town! Finally, stop threatening us with weather events that you have no true idea of what is going to happen! I am ready to find me a weather bug like Granny on Beverly Hillbillies used!

With my rant ended I now wish everyone a safe night!

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