Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding Room to Grow

  It is not easy to be human and to have our short comings or weaknesses laid out for us. When this happens it is with in our nature to protect ourselves and to blame the others or to make excuse or to deny what is true. Whether it is a friend, spouse, family member, boss, or our preacher that hands us our hat it all comes down to one question....are we willing to grow? The answer is not easy. To say we need to grow often implies that what we have been doing is wrong and that we have been failing at whatever role it is that we are being judged at. But in reality it means that we have reached a place and a level of success in what we are all ready are doing and that we are ready to achieve more. If we choose not to grow than we face the chance of becoming stagnant in what we are doing. It takes courage to grow. We must start by admitting that we must learn more, rely on others to help us, and that we may fail along the way. If we do not face these type of struggles than we are not growing. Growth changes us. Growth takes energy. Growth makes us better. The opposite of growth is decay. For those who refuse to grow the will face decay...they will loose the edge they once had, they will become smaller and weaker, they will be left behind. A friend of mine wrote that it is not only the children who grow but also the parents. How true that is. We must all continue to change, grow, and adapt to what is going on around us. This does not mean we must waiver on our believes or our principles but rather take those principles to a higher level and learn how they will drive us as we change. I look forward to growing! It means I am a living, thriving creature who is full of life! I will grow!

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  1. I love this! It was very insightful and hit close to home! It isn't easy to grow, but it sure is a good thing to do!