Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the First Day of Spring

Today we mark the first day of Spring on our calendar and sigh with relief as we see the Daffodils and the Forsythia burst forth from their wintery sleep. Our moods take on the same kind of change as the sun warms our face we cannot help but to smile and treat others a little nicer...a little warmer. But before I spring forward I wish to reflect back on the winter that has passed.
It seems that this winter was filled with many days of coldness and rain that soaked us to the bone. Their were days when the wind seemed to find its way through ever part of our being. And when we felt we could stand no more the sun would vanish for weeks at a time. It was as if our very existence was being put into question or at least our survival.
This type of winter produces to groups of people...the lonely...those who are not able to get out and visit and therefore must spend days on end in their house alone...and those the wished they were know the one who is stuck in their house with the whole family and no way out. Cabin fever, stir crazy, loony, psycho, at the end of our rope...what ever the term I was there! But, since I was in no mood to re-enact the movie Psycho or The Shining...I had to get a grip and channel that energy some way some how.
Now I know many of you go to the gym or work out on a tread mill or some other altruistic way of releasing your negative chi for something I am one has ever chased me on the tread mill so why run? And the whole gym thing seems like a big scam to take my money and sit back and laugh as they watch me have a heart attack. So instead I worked on what would make me happy. Some days that  meant that I stopped and took a nice long nap, other days it meant that I took on some project around the house, or I even broke down and played with my kids. In the end I found that on the days when I pushed through and did something extra I felt great and on the days that I took a nap because I was tired and unwilling to put up with anything so I went and took a nap I also felt great! So in the end...Winter came and went no matter what I did about it at it own sweet pace. My reason for rehashing this is that Spring has come and will soon be gone no matter what we plan accordingly, cease the day when it is appropriate and by all means nap often so that you can enjoy all that spring has brought you!

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