Monday, March 21, 2011

When no one hears you

Have you ever had the feeling that no one is listening? Or maybe that you are being ignored? It is an interesting observation that many people are very in your face and demanding when they need you to do something for them but when the table is turned and you are the one seeking help...where have all the people gone?

This is one of the most frustrating things that I faced as an adult. I have never understood how someone can tell you what a great idea something is and then start making excuses as to why they are unable to help fulfill the idea. Do they really think we are idiots? Come on and step up to the plate and tell us the truth..."I do not care one bit about what you are doing so please quit wasting my time!" at least that would save me the work of trying to schedule around your schedule so that you could be part of my big idea that you say you support and would love to be part of if you could just make it work out.
Do you remember the story of the little red hen who wanted to make the bread but no one would help her? They all were to busy and had many excuses to not help but once the bread was out of the oven they had no problem lining up and asking for some. Of course the little red hen was much more altruistic than I. She allowed them all to have some. Me? I think I am of the mind set that I would have to tell them to go pick there own grain and make their own bread as I sat in front of them eating my loaf of bread!
Some would say that this is not a very Christian attitude to which I say you are correct. However, I also read where God does not like the Haughty or the slothful. So if you are to good to help or to lazy to help please do not whine when you do not get invited to enjoy the fruits of others labors. As for me...I am sure that by the time my bread is out of the oven and cool enough to eat I will have decide to call everyone around and invited them to share in the bounty of my labors.

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