Tuesday, March 29, 2011

with no thought in my head

I find that it is always easy to write when I have a clear thought or focus but what I do not like is those moments in life when I am feeling uninspired and lacking creativity. It is my believe that if we make ourselves reflect on these moments of emptiness that we often can walk away feeling renewed and inspired.
 As a teacher I find this to be very important. Everyday has to be new. It has to be charged with creativity and energy. I am the tool of change that my students are depending on to make a difference...a positive difference in their lives. This change can not wait...it must happen now......and it must happen everyday....it does not matter if I am tired, cranky, sick, or longing for spring break....my kids need change. They need energy. They need me to bring the best I have to offer everyday.
 Therefore, I often have to look deep inside myself and find that place where all things creative come from and tap an energy that allows me to work beyond my self imposed limits. I refer to this as putting on a mask or a hat. Much like an actor who leaves themselves behind as they take on a roll. Most rolls we have in our life are bigger than ourselves...teacher, father, husband, friend, son, brother....each roll is the roll of a life time! When combined they are the things legends are made of....how can anyone live up to such a roll. The answer is that we must forget ourselves and think of our audience...put their needs above ours. When we are able to do this then we are able to inspire and lead! It requires a lot of energy and a commitment  to our cause.

So as I begin to feel a little more inspired I will leave each of you with one more thought....when you settle to just do the bare minimum who suffers?

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