Thursday, March 24, 2011

In a Quiet Moment

Once, long before children and before I became a teacher, I used to have days filled with quiet. I remember that in those days it seemed that it was my soul goal to find ways to fill that quietness with motion and noise. I never took advantage of the time and just sat back and reflected on the day by kicking up my feet with a good book while listening to the wind rustle through the trees. Now it seems as though I long for the days of peace and quiet.
But there no longer are days but only moments. Often we do not even notice them because they are surrounded by turmoil and upheaval. each fleeting moment of peace seems to be lost because we no longer live for the moment but rather have already moved beyond that moment and the next and even the next. With many of us so easily wishing away a day, week, or month by our simple desire to reach a time of quiet and peace.
If there is one thing I have is this...that tomorrow holds no more peace for us than today. That our only hope of peace lies with in ourselves. We have the power to find the peace we need as walk from moment to moment, as we take a breathe of air before we start our next task, or those rare moments when we actually find ourself alone because everyone else's schedule coordinated into a whirl wind that some how left us behind. What ever the moment...take a second and pause, reflect, enjoy, refrain from feeling guilty or driven to do something with our moment ....just be at peace!

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